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Beauty &Mystery of the Disappearing Blocks

"The Beauty & Mystery of the Disappearing Blocks"
This challenge encourages the exploration of Hidden Blocks throughout your quilt and to use your quilting skills to show us how cunning you are.

Building on your skills of the “Basic Cut,” the 2024 Challenge Quilt will require that you use one specific Base Block Pattern and make it Disappear. This should be accomplished with a minimum of two (2) cuts (either vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or even crazy), then rearranged/mix your blocks in such a way that you don’t see the base block anymore. Your entry must include one intact base block (not manipulated) on the front of your quilt. You may use as many manipulated base blocks as you want keeping in mind the total dimensions of the quilt according to the rules. You may also use sashing, cornerstones, etc. You may use different-sized blocks as well. Have fun playing and making this YOUR Quilt!

Your Quilt MUST Have:

  • 3 Layers 

  • Quilted 0r Tied.

  • The perimeter is no greater than 210" inches.

  • A short story about the Inspiration for your piece. (Your first quilt, why you chose color/design, or who or what inspired you)

Best of Luck!

Please contact JoAnn at (308) 360 - 1790 with questions regarding the Challenge Quilt. 

Female Bust
Mountainous Landscape
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