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Schedule of Events

Friday, April 26 

   9.30 A     Fabric Bingo
10.15 A     Magic of the Stars w/ Tucker Tools 
                            (Seams Etc.)
11.00 A     Trunk Show 
                            (Mary Lou Kerr) 
   1.00 P         Dressing of Your Quilts w/ Laser Applique
                          (Quacky Quilter)
   2.00 P         Walking Tour w/ Featured Quilter  
                            (Linda Andersen)
   3.30P           Organized Sewing Space
                            (Jack Kant)

Saturday, April 27

   9.30 A     How to Make HST 16 at a Time 
                             (Journey Back Quilts)
10.30 A      Trunk Show
                           (Panhandle Quilt Guild)
  2.00 P        Featured Quilter Presentation
                          (Linda Andersen) 
  3.30 P        2023 Guild Project
                             (Pine Ridge Quilt Guild)

Sunday, April 28

12.00 P        Winners Revealed 
  2.00 P         Quilts of Valor Presentations 
                            (Kathy Dye)
  3.00 P         Drawing for Raffle Quilt 

                                           All Weekend:
Scavenger Hunt: Pick up an entry form at the Welcome Table                                    to play!
Quilt Ballot & Raffle Tickets: Available at Welcome Table
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